Getting Support

Many parents need help, friendship, advice or support during those early years. There is no rulebook for raising a family and sometimes it can seem overwhelming, particularly if your family is going through difficult times.

As a parent you might ask for Home-Start's help for all sorts of reasons:

  • You may be in need of a break
  • You may be feeling isolated in your community, have no family nearby and be struggling to make friends
  • You may be finding it hard to cope because of your own or your child's illness
  • You may have been hit hard by the death of a loved one
  • You may be really struggling with emotional and physical demands of having twins or triplets - perhaps born into an already large family


Help is at hand. We support any family who needs us, as long as they have at least one child under five and we have a volunteer available. If you ask for Home-Start's help you can be sure of total confidentiality. There is no stigma attached to Home-Start's help. All home visiting volunteers are required to be members of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme (PVG).

How to make a referral

Please contact us in the first instance to ensure there is a volunteer available, then complete our referral form and email it to:

Are you unsure about the families Home-Start can support? You may be interested in looking at our booklet “A Referrer's Guide” to the UK's leading family support service.

Home-Start Lomond will accept a referral from any source as long as:

  • the family has at least one child under the age of five
  • the family is suffering stress or experiencing difficulties. See Who we can help
  • the family have given their consent

Home-Start Lomond works alongside other agencies from both the statutory and voluntary sector, and receives referrals from:

  • Health Visitors
  • Social Services
  • Education
  • Nurseries/family centres
  • Community Psychiatric Nurses
  • Families are also able to refer themselves

What happens next?

Once a family has been referred and a referral form has been completed, the co-ordinator will arrange to visit the family to discuss their needs and answer any questions they may have. The co-ordinator will then endeavour to 'match' the family as quickly as possible with a suitable home-visiting volunteer, who will be introduced to the family and will visit weekly at an agreed time for 6-12 months and in some circumstances beyond 12 months.